I have finally moved over into the CLOUD as they seem to call it these days. That term seems to frustrate many of my co-workers because they are like, "Its the Internet, not a cloud" AHHHHH. I think its kind of funny how they get so worked up over it. 


Anyhow, I have been locked into working with hardware and software on premises time and time again due to the security concerns of the company. I feel like I am falling a bit behind on the times due to this, so I decided to get some books and get a E3 account with MS 365. So far the learning curve has been going steadily upward due to the fact there are not too many changes in the design of things. I am finding that there are attributes that are missing in the online version like, SAM account  name on user object and the Domain Local vs. Domain Global on groups. I even see large changes in the syntax of Azure PowerShell which is disappointing. 



Get-AzureAduser "JSmith" Fails 

Get-AzureADGroup "GroupName" Fails 

They now want to add a -Searchstring and everything else seems to work off the -ObjectID. I understand a ObjectID is just like a SID but the extra effort on our end to change our script logic in PowerShell after years of doing one way we now have to conform to the syntax with Azure / Exchange Online. Well this is why I dived right in and am finding my way around. Hope the site has some helpful snippets for you , Scott