Devices 101

I sectioned out this area of MS 365 due to the fact of the issues I ran into setting up BYOD devices in my MS 365 infrastructure. Please see sub-pages for the tasks and or issues and solutions I found. 

My Goals:

  • Joined in Azure AD

  • Systems Upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

  • Registered in Microsoft Endpoint Management

  • Ability to Logon Locally with Azure AD Credentials 

Special Note:


1) I have read up on MEM and Intune and I looked all over my interface for Intune and even looked online to create an account in Intune. I finally figured out that there is no such action to be taken. The MEM interface is Intune. I did find a Intune for Education and set that up, but that was not the correct path for enterprise setup, so I removed that service from my 365 account.

2) Make sure your users have a compatible Windows 10 version. Windows 10 Home is not supported. I have read that they can get an in place upgrade from the MS store for $99.