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Register Device Step 3

Finally after getting past some bumps in the road I was able to join my systems to the Azure AD and have them registered in MEM. The next steps I wanted to take was to log on locally using my Azure AD account and also verify that I was running Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. At the logon screen select Other user and you should be prompted with a username and password field. Use your assigned username and password for Azure AD and login. This will be the full UPN, and you must have Internet access. 

Username Example:

After this it should go through the welcome pages set up and mine prompts for the Dual Auth to my cell phone for login. On the laptop I setup it worked just fine and I was able to log in without issue.

Only my desktop system I had issues.


One item was that it was part of a Domain before and still had the SCCM agent installed so I could not update the system. I found a SCCM agent uninstaller on the web and cleaned that out. 

Note: If there is SCCM agent on the system it will show this under MEM device info. That's how I figured out I still had that agent installed. 

I was still stuck without being able to run MS updates on my desktop system so I did some reading and someone suggested going to MS site to get Windows 10 to the build from the MS website. I used this tool and it updated my system to latest major release of Windows 10 and I got my Windows Update tool back.

Now I was still not able to log into the system using my Azure AD credentials it just hung forever with a blue screen and spinning white balls on the screen. Even after a hard reset, log off / log on with local accounts, nothing seemed to work.

The only difference in my two systems was that the one with the issues has IIS and SQL installed. I thought this might cause the issue so I uninstalled SQL and removed IIS features from my Windows 10 system.

POOF Everything worked and I was able to log in within seconds.

So I assume there was a compatibility issue with either SQL or IIS setup.

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