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Deploy PowerShell Scripts

So after I deployed App Browser Isolation (Under MEM Attack Surface Reduction) I found out that it utilizes Hyper-V to create a secure container to open the MS Edge browser. The issue is that this setting does not enable Hyper-V on the local machine,  so I created a small script that would check the feature install status and if this Windows Feature was not enabled it would proceed with the install.

As Shown in Image Below.

I am a excellent PowerShell user and am excited this worked so well. It was set to execute as system and not as local logged on user. Now that I have the ability to control systems with a PowerShell script globally I can easily configure systems as needed.


The large part of this is for compliance and security. A perfect example would be to say disable SMB v1 due to security issues or even turn off SSL and TLS 1 since they are not secure encryption services and enforce use of TLS 1.2

Goal - To Install Hyper-V on All Windows 10 Systems.


I found the tools to apply a PowerShell script to a system and went through the wizard and uploaded my script. It took a little while to sync but then next morning I look on my lab device and Hyper-V is installed the the option in MS Edge "New Application Guard Window" is available and working !

Click Devices


Click Windows


Click PowerShell Scripts


Click +Add


My Configuration Settings

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