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Exchange Online



Some Cmdlets for my training were not accessible, I wanted to add a role to my account to allow use of Get-Addresslist


I had to run this PS command from my local machine to Exchange Online to allow customization of roles on O365

Enable-OrganizationCustomization          (Had to Run Twice , Got An Error)

Check Results by Running:

Get-OrganizationConfig | FL isDehydrated

Results Should be False  


Now was able to add myself to the Role By Using the online web base classic Admin Center 

Now I have access to Get-Addresslist, New-AddressList and 20+ Other Commands because I added my account to address list role

a) List Cmdlets for a Role

    Get-ManagementRoleEntry "Reset Password\*"

b) Create New Management Role

    New-ManagementRole -Name "Address List 22" -Description "Allows Access to Address List Cmdlets" -Parent "Address Lists"
c) Remove a Custom Management Role

    Remove-ManagementRole -Name "Address List 22"

d) Add User to New Role

    New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Address List 22" -User "Shead"

e) List Management Roles

    Get-Managementrole | Sort-Object Name

f) Check Membership of Role

     Get-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Address List 22"

g) Add New Address List

    New-AddressList -Name "Test Address List" -RecipientFilter "((RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox') -and (Title -eq 'Leader'))"

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