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Endpoint | Firewall

After getting the Anti-Virus setup I wanted to configure the Windows Firewall on my Windows 10 systems. I have been able to create a Firewall policy and apply to my devices. I want to see how well this works as far as no hands on to get my Firewall on Windows configured so I can access the web, local network and RDP to my systems. Step one was creating the FW policy, follow up will be to make another policy to allow ports, applications through the Windows Firewall.


Goal below is to get initial Firewall Profile applied to all my systems. 

Create Profile and Complete Wizard


Set to block all on inbound traffic. I also allowed for local firewall rules to remain enabled.  

Note: If you set Firewall settings to block inbound & outbound traffic and ignore local rules you will more or less lock down the network on the system will not talk to anything,. If this happens get on the machine and manage the Firewall settings in the Local Security Policy, this will allow you to get back online to change / update FW rules from 365.

Don't ask how I discovered this ... 

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