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Azure Entra Config

All the steps you need to complete the setup are located here. 

 I am not planning in re-writing what’s already online, just the hiccups I ran into along the way to make the install progress smoother for someone else or if I have to do it again. I wanted to show some of the post install tasks that you need to remember to complete when settings up your Lab. 

1. There is an Azure AD group created during all the setup and this allows for administrative access to the virtual machines. I could not join my virtual server to the domain until I changed my password and added my user account to this group: AAD DC Administrators


2. When I created my first virtail server I added it to the default resource group. This has no access / knoeldge of my Azure AD so I was not able to join it to the Domain. I had to delete my virtual server and open the resouce group I made for my Azure AD Domain Services and then click the create button. 


When doing a search in the next window I searched around looking for Windows Server, whereas instead I should have been looking to create a virtual machine that will then provide you with the options for what operating system you want to install.

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