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Azure VPN 2

The next step was to setup the VPN Gateway using this tutorial to guide you through it. I used most of the default settings and for the Tenant ID I used was my default Azure administrator account.

Gateway VPN Setup

I could not believe how bad the design of the management interface is for Azure. Lots of these items in setting up the entire VPN could be programmed into a simple wizard to allow us the use of selections, dropdowns and other automated setup. So as not to lose this information for the client setup I copied it here. Also had issues installing the client software using the provided PS Script so I had to download it from the MS Store.

Client Setup

Public VPN Register

  • Tenant: TenantID for the Azure AD tenant

  • Audience: Application ID of the "Azure VPN" Azure AD Enterprise App

    • Enter 41b23e61-6c1e-4545-b367-cd054e0ed4b4 for Azure Public

  • ​Issuer: URL of the Secure Token Service{AzureAD TenantID}/

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